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Article 23

a) Provincial council and municipal council original member numbers of political parties and independent candidates are calculated as follows:

 Number equal to one tenth of the valid votes in an electoral zone, is separately extracted from votes of political parties and independent candidates. After this transaction, political parties and independent candidates which do not have votes remaining, are not included in calculation of allocating of member process.             

 Names of the political parties and independent candidates which have votes remaining, are written top and bottom with the numbers of remaining votes. These numbers are divided into one, two, then three…. Until reaching to the number of original members. The shares obtained are lined without any discrimination of political parties, from the biggest to smallest. Memberships equal to numbers of provincial and municipal councils are allocated to political parties and independent candidates due to their superiority.

             In case there are equal numbers for final original memberships, allocation is realized by drawing lot.  

             (Addendum: 7/12/1988 - 3507/5 art.) In municipal council membership electoral zones, where quota candidates are shown according to Article 10, division transaction is undertaken by extracting quota numbers. In these electoral zones where quota candidates are nominated, quota candidates of political parties who take the highest amount of votes, become the members of municipal councils. 


             (Addendum: 7/12/1988 - 3507/5 art.) In metropolitan municipalities, those who are at the first place elected as members of municipal councils, attend to Metropolitan Municipality Council with condition of being limited with the ratio determined in Article 6 of this Law.  

b)  Elected ones among candidates of political parties, are determined as follows:

 Sequence in the candidate lists presented to District Election Boards, are taken basis on determining memberships of provincial  and municipal councils. 

 Minutes are delivered to those who won metropolitan municipal mayors by Provincial Election Boards and other elected by District Election Boards. 

 President of Provincial Election Board announces elected for metropolitan municipal council, president of District Election Board announces elected as mayor, members of provincial and municipal councils, in such electoral zones with accustomed methods and hang one copy of the minutes on the door of electoral boards.  

c)  For reserve memberships, provisions of (a) and (b) clauses are implemented. Reserve members of political parties are determined with sequence following the ones elected as  original members.