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Article 25

In case objections to electoral minutes are subject to counting and tabulating of votes or distribution of these votes among political parties and independent candidates and in case minutes are cancelled after re counting or re itemization transactions, Provincial Election Board presents the minutes to those who are determined elected. 

 In case of deciding of cancellation for elections in an electoral zone, due to electoral transactions, elections are repeated in such electoral zone. Provincial Election Board immediately announces that elections will be renewed as soon as following the announcement on cancellation. First Sunday following the 60th day of announcement is the day of voting. 

 Apart from the clauses mentioned above, in case cancellation is determined on one or more of the minutes of members of municipal council, due to the order defined in political parties lists, minutes are presented to those who have been determined.

 About the decisions of District Election Boards, objections may be raised to Supreme Election Council  within determined period of time due to article 130 of 26th April 1961 dated and 298 numbered Law on Basic provisions of Elections and Voters Register.