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Article 7

Works prior to electionsBeing nominated  

 (1) In order to be nominated as President both inside and outside Turkish Grand National Assembly, written offer of at least twenty MP’s is necessary. Each MP may offer only one candidate.  

(2)   Political parties that exceed ten percent in case their valid votes are calculated in recent parliamentary general elections may make common nomination. Each political party may only nominate for one candidate.   

(3)   Being nominated is subject to written consent of the individual.  

(4)   Within the period determined by Supreme Election Council, nomination is exercised after presenting names of the candidates, consent documents and other necessary papers to Presidency of Turkish Grand National Assembly or Supreme Election Council. In case the application is realized to Presidency of Turkish Grand National Assembly, all documents and information are transmitted to Supreme Election Council within 24 hours following the end of application date. 

(5) Following the end of application date, new candidate can not be nominated in any conditions.