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Article 11
Candidates leaving or returning their offices

(1) Judges and prosecutors, members of supreme judicial bodies, instructors in higher education institutions, members of Higher Education Board and supreme Board of Radio and Television, public servants working in public offices and institutions, other public servants not working with the status of worker, mayors, military officers and sergeants, presidents and members of provincial and district boards of political parties, members of municipal councils, members of provincial councils, vocational institutions with the characteristics of public institutions, unions, public banks, those who work in the management and members of monitoring boards of ventures or enterprises of which upper unions and superior institutions, who are nominated as candidate for Presidency, are considered as resigned from their offices as of date of finalization of candidacy. Supreme Election Council immediately informs this situation to the related ministry or institution of candidates. 

(2) Except from Judges and prosecutors, members of supreme judicial bodies, military officers and sergeants, public servants and other public officers nominated for Presidency, in case of losing candidacy or elections, upon their application within a month following the announcement of Supreme Election Council on result of elections, may return to their previous offices or any other offices with their acquired wages and rights on ranking.