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Article 32

For neighborhood mukhtars and board of alderman, neighborhood is the electorl zone while village mukhtars and board of alderman, electoral zone is the village. 

In all electoral zones, voting is exercised in ballots placed properly in such electoral zones.  

 (Changed third clause: 12/11/2012-6360/30 art.) In elections of mukhtar and board or council of alderman members; the ballot paper is used involving the names equal to the numbers of members of board and council of alderman mentioned in (a) and (b) clauses of Article 30 of this Law. Ballot paper is put in special envelopes prepared by Supreme Election Council and dropped in ballot.

 (Addendum : 2/3/1984 - 2986/4.) Ballot papers that will be used in these elections may be printed, duplicated and may be multiplied with all means.