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Article 129
(1) The members of provincial and municipal councils shall be directly elected by Dutch nationals resident in the province or municipality as the case may be who satisfy the requirements laid down for elections to the Second Chamber of the Parliament. The same conditions apply to membership.
(2) The members shall be elected by proportional representation within the boundaries to be laid down by Act of Parliament.
(3) Articles 53 (2) and 59 shall apply.
(4) The duration of provincial and municipal councils shall be four years unless otherwise provided for by Act of Parliament.
(5) The positions which may not be held simultaneously with membership shall be specified by Act of Parliament. The Act may also provide that obstacles to membership will arise from family ties or marriage and that the commission of certain acts designated by Act of Parliament may result in loss of membership.
(6) The members shall not be bound by a mandate or instructions when casting their votes.