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Article 54

54.-(1) Voters who are hospitalised or inmates of the following institutions may cast their votes in advance in the institution: hospitals; nursing homes, including special nursing homes, and sheltered homes operated as provided by the rules of the Social Assistance Act; day-care centres, institutions for adults suffering from severe physical or mental handicaps operated as provided by the rules of the Social Assistance Act, and 24-hour institutions for adults operated as provided by experimental specifications of the said act. The local council may decide, however, that advance voting shall not take place at a day-care centre, or that advance voting in an institution shall take place according to the rules of subsection (3) regarding advance voting in the home instead.

(2) Voters being detained in an institution under the Prison Service or a goal may cast their advance vote in the institution.

(3) Voters who on account of illness or disability are unable to turn up at a polling station may vote in advance in their homes except where granted the opportunity of casting their vote in one of the institutions or homes specified in subsection (1). Requests for advance voting in the home must be submitted not later than twelve days prior to election day at 1800 hours. Such request must be submitted to the national registration office of the municipality where the applicant is staying.

(4) Voters resident in remote islands which do not constitute a separate polling district, may cast their vote in the island in advance.