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Article 12

General Polling Districts

(1) Communes with a population of no more than 2,500 shall normally form one polling district. Larger communes shall be divided into several polling districts. The local authority of the commune shall decide which polling districts are to be formed.

(2) The polling districts shall be delimited in accordance with the local conditions so as to make it as easy as possible for the entire electorate to participate in the election. No polling district shall have a population of more than 2,500. The number of persons eligible to vote in a polling district must not be so small it becomes evident how individual voters have voted.

(3) The persons eligible to vote in communal accommodation such as camps, quarters of the Federal Armed Forces, the Federal Border Guard or the police, shall be divided among two or more polling districts on the basis of fixed delimitation criteria. The same shall apply as appropriate to the persons eligible to vote specified in Article 12 (2) of the Law if, pursuant to Article 17 (2) no. 4 of these Regulations, they must be registered in the voters' register of the local authority in Bonn.

(4) The District Returning Officer may combine small communes and parts of communes of the same administrative district to form one polling district, as well as parts of communes that are intersected by constituency boundaries with neighboring communes or parts of communes of another administrative district to form one polling district. He or she shall also determine which commune is to conduct the election.