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Article 13

The distribution of MEP posts among the lists of candidates shall be carried out at the level of the entire state.

 MEP posts shall be allocated to the lists of candidates pursuant to the sequence of the highest quotients attained by dividing the number of votes for each list of candidates by all numbers from one to the number of deputies being voted for (the d'Hondt system). As many candidates as the list received mandates shall be elected from the list of candidates.

 The candidates who acquired the highest number of preferential votes shall be elected. Preferential votes for individual candidates shall be taken into account if the number of preferential votes allocated to an individual candidate exceeds the quotient calculated by dividing the number of all votes to a certain list by the twofold of the number of candidates on the list. If, pursuant to this rule, not as many candidates are elected as deputies' terms of office are allocated to the individual list, candidates shall be elected to the remaining MEP posts on this particular list according to the order of candidates on the list of candidates.