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Article 61

61.-(1) Voters who wish to cast their vote in advance must duly prove their identity to the vote receiver. Hence the advance voting material will be issued, cf. section 60.

(2) The voter indicates on the ballot paper the name or letter designation of a party which has candidates standing in the multi-member constituency where the voter is on the electoral register. If the voter wishes to cast his vote in favour of a particular candidate standing in the appropriate multi-member constituency, the voter shall state the name of the candidate, with the possible addition of the party name or letter designation.

(3) The voter fills in the ballot paper without being watched by others and puts it into the envelope. The voter then fills in the covering letter and signs it in the presence of the vote receiver, who certifies the casting of the vote.

(4) If the voter is unable to fill in the ballot paper or to fill in and sign the covering letter, the vote receiver shall provide the requisite assistance, cf. however subsection (5). If such assistance has been rendered, it must appear from the covering letter.

(5) Assistance in filling in the ballot paper may be rendered only when the voter is able to indicate direct and unambiguously to the person rendering assistance for which party or candidate the voter wants to vote.

(6) The envelope together with the ballot paper and the covering letter shall be placed in the cover, which is sent to the local council of the municipality where the voter is on the electoral register. The cover shall indicate the name, birthdate and permanent address of the voter.