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Article 64

64.-(1) The local council shall note the reception time for an advance vote on the cover. The number of advance votes received, the receiving dates, and the number of advance votes which are being forwarded to other municipalities, cf. subsection (2), and the appropriate date shall be entered in a logbook. The Minister for the Interior shall lay down the rules for the contents and design of the logbook.

(2) If, according to the address stated on the cover, the sender is the resident of another municipality, the local council shall forward the advance vote to the appropriate municipality without delay.

(3) Once an election has been called, the local council shall see to it that advance votes from voters having cast their votes in advance prior to the calling of an election and later having notified their removal to another municipality shall be forwarded to the new municipality of residence.

(4) The local council shall collect and count the number of advance votes for each polling district of the municipality, in whose electoral register the senders are listed according to their address on the cover. The local council shall see to it that the advance votes are delivered to the polling supervisors at the polling stations within the appropriate polling districts before polling starts.