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Article 60

(1) On the date the time limits for submitting the candidatures expire, to which the time limits referred to in Article 59 (1), (2), (7) and (8) are added, where appropriate, the constituency electoral bureaus and the Central Electoral Bureau shall draw up the minutes ascertaining that the candidatures have remained final.

(2) The Central Electoral Bureau shall communicate to all constituency electoral bureaus the candidatures, at national level, of the organisations of citizens belonging to national minorities, within 24 hours, at the most, from the date these are ascertained as being final.

(3) Within 24 hours, at the most, from the expiry of the time limit set out in paragraph (2), the constituency electoral bureau shall order the prefect to draw the models of the ballot papers.

(4) The constituency electoral bureaus shall post, at their premises, the final candidatures, while indicating the last name and first name, locality of domicile, political affiliation, profession and occupation of the candidate. Final candidatures can be made public in the press and by any forms of media, their costs being covered by the entities concerned.