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Article 1

1) This law establishes the organization and conduct of the election of the President of Romania.

(2) The President of Romania shall be elected by universal, equal, direct, secret, and freely expressed vote, under the terms of this law.

(3) The candidate who, in the first round, achieved the majority of votes of the voters who are registered on the permanent electoral rolls, shall be declared elected.

(4) In case none of the candidates has achieved the majority provided for in paragraph (3), a second round shall be organized in which shall participate only the first 2 candidates established in accordance with the number of votes obtained in the first round. The candidate who obtained most of the votes validly cast shall be declared elected.

(5) A voter shall be entitled to a single vote in each round organized for the election of the President of Romania according to Art. 81 (2) and (3) of the Constitution of Romania, republished.