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Article 45

Provision of Information on the Elections to the Chamber of Deputies for Political Parties, Movements and Coalitions

(1) Every political party, movement and coalition whose candidate list has been registered in the election region may, at least 15 days before the date of elections, inform the Czech Statistical Office of its contact address. The Czech Statistical Office shall immediately provide any such political party, movement and coalition with parameters that can be used to establish technical connection with the Czech Statistical Office and to obtain information on the results of the elections within the election region and the territory of the Czech Republic in electronic form. The cost of such connection shall be borne by the political parties, movements and coalitions.

(2) Immediately after signing each record on the results of the election in the election region, the Czech Statistical Office shall send summary information on the results of the elections in written or electronic form to the respective addresses of authorised representatives of all political parties, movements and coalitions whose candidate lists have been registered.