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Article 27

(1) The proposals for candidates for the electron of the President of Romania shall be submitted to the Central Electoral Bureau by 40 days at the latest prior to the election date.

(2) The proposals shall be made in writing, and shall be accepted only if:

a) they are are signed by the leadership of the party or of the political alliance, or by the leaderships thereof, that have proposed the candidate or, as the case may be, by the independant candidate;

b) they include the candidate’s full name, place and date of birth, civil status, domicile, education, occupation and profession, and the specification that he/she meets the conditions provided by the law in order to stand in the election;

c) they are accompanied by the declaration of candidacy acceptance, written, signed and dated by the candidate, the statement of wealth, the statement of interests, a statement on the candidate’s own account as to the fact that he/she has or has not been an employee or collaborator of the Securitate, as well as the list of supporters whose number may not be less than 200,000 voters.

(3) The list of supporters is a public act subject to the sanction under Art. 292 of the Criminal Code (The former Criminal Code was repealed. See Article 326 of Law No. 286/2009 regarding the Criminal Code). The list or lists of supporters shall include the candidate’s full name, as well as the full name, date of birth, address, name, series and number of the identity document, and the signature of the voters who support the candidacy. At the end of the list, the person who has drawn it up shall make a statement on his/her own account, attesting to the truthfulness of the supporters’ signatures. The model of the supporters’ list and that of the statement are provided for in the annex which is an integral part of this law.

(3-1) The list of supporters, referred to in paragraph (3), shall be submitted in one sample only, at the Central Electoral Bureau.

(4) The proposal for candidacy shall be submitted and registered with the Central Electoral Bureau in 4 samples, the original sample and 3 copies. The original sample and one copy shall be kept at the Central Electoral Bureau, another copy shall be sent to the Constitutional Court, and the forth, certified by the Central Electoral Bureau, shall be returned to the distributor.

(5) The candidates’ statements on their own account as to their being or not employees or collaborators of the Securitate shall be sent, within 24 hours of the filing thereof, to the National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives.

(6) The statements of wealth and the statements of interests shall be published on the Internet page of the Central Electoral Bureau within 48 hours of the submission of candidacies.

(7) Also, the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2) shall apply accordingly to the candidates proposed by the organizations of citizens belonging to national minorities, as well as to the candidates proposed by electoral alliances.

(8) The political affiliation of the candidate to the political party, the organization of citizens belonging to national minorities or to one of the members of the political alliance or electoral alliance that proposes him/her shall not constitute a condition for standing in the election.