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Article 78

78.-(1) For each of the parties which are allocated compensatory seats according to section 77, the number of votes cast for the party in each of the three regions shall be computed.

(2) Each of these votes shall be divided by the figures 1-3-5-7, a.s.o. Next, a number of the largest quotients equivalent to the number of constituency seats obtained by the party in the region according to section 76 shall be omitted.

(3) The region and the party which subsequently has the largest quotient, shall have the first compensatory seat. The region and the party which has the second largest quotient shall have the next compensatory seat and so on and so forth. Where a region or a party has obtained the number of compensatory seats it should have, cf. sections 10 and 77, the region or the party shall not be considered any further. The allocation continues for the other regions and the other parties until all compensatory seats have been distributed. If a party which has not received votes in all three regions cannot be allocated the compensatory seats to which the party is entitled by this distribution, these seats shall be allocated in advance to the party in the regions where votes have been cast in its favour.