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Article 27

Applications for Polling Cards

(1) Applications for a polling card may be submitted to the local authority of the commune in writing or personally. Telegrams and telex or fax messages shall also be valid forms of written communication. Application by telephone shall not be permissible.

(2) The applicant must substantiate that there are grounds for issuing a polling card.

(3) Anyone applying on behalf of another person must certify that he or she is authorized to do so by submitting a written authority.

(4) Polling cards may be applied for until 6 p.m. on the second day before the election. In the cases specified in Article 25 (2), polling cards may be issued until 3 p.m. on election day. The same shall apply if the certified onset of sudden illness makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for someone to go to the polling station; in this case, before issuing the poll-ing card, the local authority must inform the Electoral Officer responsible for the elector's polling district, who must proceed in accordance with Article 53 (2).

(5) For persons eligible to vote who, pursuant to Article 16 (2), are registered in the voters' register by sole reason of an application, such an application shall also be considered an application for a polling card unless the elector wishes to vote before the Electoral Board of his or her own polling district.

(6) Written applications which are received too late must be left unprocessed, packed with the accompanying envelopes and put into temporary storage.