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Article 10

- (1) When he/she submits his application to stand as a candidate, a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, other than Romania, shall produce the following documents:

a) a formal declaration specifying his citizenship, domicile or residence address on the Romanian territory, the local community or the constituency from the Member State where he has entered on the electoral roll, and that he/she does not stand as a candidate to the European Parliament in another Member State of the European Union;

b) a certificate, issued by the competent authority in the state whose citizen he/she is, certifying that he/she has not been deprived of the right to stand as a candidate in the 9 respective state by means of a final judgement or that, to the authority’s knowledge, such an interdiction does not exist;

c) a valid identity document;

(2) The declaration referred to in paragraph (1), point a) is deemed a public document and falls under the incidence of Article 292 of the Criminal Code.

(3) The provisions of Articles 12 and 121 shall apply accordingly.

(4) The model of the declaration referred to in paragraph (1), point a) shall be set by Government Decision upon proposal of the Ministry of Administration and Interior and of the Permanent Electoral Authority.

(5) Within 24 hours of the admission of the Community eligible person’s candidature, the Central Electoral Bureau shall send to the Permanent Electoral Authority a copy of this person’s file of candidature.

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*Amended by G.E.O. no. 11/2009.