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Article 47

(1) Nominations are done in writing, in two original copies and two copies, by the political parties, political and electoral alliances or by the organisations of citizens belonging to national minorities taking part in the elections, signed by the management of their county organisations and based on the list of supporters, and, in the case of independent candidates, based on the list of supporters.

(2) In the case of electoral alliances between political parties, the lists with nominations must also be signed by the county managements of each political party in the alliance. If the electoral alliances are set up at communal, town, municipal or sectorial level, in the case of the Municipality of Bucharest, the lists are signed by the management of the alliance and are counter-signed by the management of each local organisation in the coalition.

(3) Nominations must include the candidates’ surname, fi rst name, place and date of birth, domicile, according to the ID document, the name, series and number of their ID documents, their occupation, profession and political affiliation, and, in the case of alliances, also the political or electoral alliance having proposed them.

(4) Nominations must be accompanied by the statements of acceptance of the candidature, the declarations of assets and of interests and sworn statements concerning their capacity as employee or collaborator of the “Securitate”, signed and dated by the candidates, as well as copies of the ID documents of the candidates.

(5) The statement of acceptance of the candidature includes the candidate’s surname, fi rst name, domicile, the political party or alliance having proposed the candidate, his/her profession, occupation and political affi liation, his/her express consent for running for the respective offi ce, as well as the mention that (s)he meets the requirements set by law in order to stand as candidate.