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Paragraph 95

Introduction of indirect election system for the President is as such in line with the European standards. It is welcome that the new system will not be applicable at next year’s election but only from 2023. It should however be borne in mind that, also in the absence of a functioning senate, the main counterbalance to a strong government with an overwhelming parliamentary majority in the Georgian constitutional system is the President. Consequently, the passage to an indirect election system should not result in the constant and exclusive election of the candidate presented by the parliamentary majority as President. Measures in order to better guarantee the pluralism in the Parliament (and consequently in the Election Board) and the principle of checks and balances are thus necessary. The Venice Commission reiterates its recommendation concerning the proportional allocation of unallocated mandates and/or reduction of the threshold under the precedent paragraph. In addition, it is also recommendable to require a qualified majority in the first round of the election of the President by the Election Board.