Home > Age > ROMANIA - Law no. 115 for the election of local public administration authorities, amending the Law of local public administration no. 215/2001, as well as amending and supplementing Law no. 393/2004 on the statute of local elected offi cials
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Article 51

(1) The list of supporters must contain the date of the elections, the surname and fi rst name of the candidate, the offi ce for which (s)he runs, the surname and fi rst name of the supporter, his/her citizenship, date of birth, address, name, series and number of the ID document, his/her signature, as well as the surname and fi rst name of the person having drawn up the list.

For the citizens of the European Union, in the column “Name, series and number of the ID document”, the name, series and number of the document issued by the General Inspectorate for Immigration are to be introduced. The person having drawn up the list is bound to fi le, together with that list, a sworn statement ascertaining the accuracy of the supporters’ signatures.

(2) The list of supporters is a public document, with all the consequences referred to by law.

(3) Supporters can be only Romanian citizens or citizens of the European Union with the right to vote, domiciled or residing in the respective electoral constituency. A supporter can support several candidates for the offi ces of local counsellor, county counsellor and mayor.

(4) Support is given on their own responsibility.

(5) The list of supporters is fi led in an original copy and a copy thereof, with the electoral bureau of the electoral constituency where nominations are being submitted.