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Article 15

Proposals of slates of candidates shall mandatorily contain the names and family names of candidates, ethnicity, addresses, and the unique personal identification numbers of candidates proposed on the slate. The declarations of all candidates on accepting the candidacy, verified by a notary public or the competent electoral commission, shall also be forwarded with the slates.

Besides the data as per previous Paragraph, it shall be mandatory to state the name of the slate in the proposal of the slate, and the candidates on the slate shall be listed, starting with the ordinal number 1. to, conclusively, the ordinal number corresponding to the number of members of the representative body being elected at the elections. The proponent of a slate shall freely determine the sequence of candidates on the slate.

If a slate of candidates becomes incomplete after submission, due to the death of a proposed candidate, his name shall be deleted from the slate, and the slate shall be considered complete.