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Paragraph 57

Article 74(5) appears to address some of the criticism in the 2014 Joint Opinion with regard to the 2013 draft, which envisaged that citizens residing abroad would elect three MPs in a single “uninominal” constituency abroad. It leaves the CEC to “determine the number, demographic and geographical coverage” of the uninominal constituencies abroad. This seems to suggest that the delimitation of constituencies abroad will be based on the number of registered voters (see Article 74(2)). This is problematic since many Moldovans living abroad are registered based on their in-country address and would be counted in constituencies in Moldova. It is also unclear how the delimitation of out-of country constituencies could be based on the “territorial-demographic principle in one or several neighbouring localities”. To guarantee equal voting power for voters abroad, it is recommended that the law be more detailed and specific on the criteria for determining the single-member constituencies abroad.