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Article 33

Voting for the election of members of the representative body of a unit shall be performed in the polling stations in the area of a municipality, town and the City of Zagreb.

The competent electoral commissions shall announce the polling stations which have been determined, with an indication which voters shall have the right to vote at certain polling stations, not later than eight days before the elections.

The competent electoral commissions shall determine the polling stations depending on the number of voters, or spatial distance, in such a manner that the number of voters at one polling station enables voting of all voters within the timeframe determined for voting. Each polling station shall have its ordinal number determined.

For each polling station, a special room shall be determined for voting, arranged and equipped in the manner securing the secrecy of voting.

In each polling station, all slates of candidates shall be visibly exposed, with the clearly stated names of all the candidates for the representative body of the unit for which the elections are held.