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Paragraph 124

Identified inconsistencies and ambiguities include:

- Article 8.2 does not make it clear when secondary legal acts of the CEC enter into legal force during elections – whether from the moment of their state registration (and what is the timeline for such registration) or from the moment of publication. The total number of voters included in the Register of Voters (Article 8.7) should be disaggregated by districts (communities) and published in advance, as the number of candidates on district party lists is determined on the basis of the number of voters in the district (see Article 83.9).

- It is not clear whether Article 26.7 is also applicable to elections to the councils of elders. The deadline for the Oversight and Audit Service to draw up statements of information and post them on the website of the CEC is not specified.

- Articles 32.6 and 34.5 are superfluous, as all election participants must comply with the law.

- There seems to be a contradiction between Article 118.6(1) and Article 118.6(2) with regard to an election with only one candidate.

- Article 145 states that all the provisions concerning political parties, with the exception of several norms, shall be applicable to alliances. On this basis, a number of references to alliances have been deleted from the draft code, but some others are kept or have been added, which is confusing (e.g., Article 25).