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Article 33

33. (1) Announcements of candidatures must be registered with the authorities specified in subsection (2) not later than noon eleven days prior to election day. An announcement of candidature cannot be submitted sooner than when an election has been called.

(2) Announcements of candidature must be submitted to the appropriate regional state administration For nomination districts located in Bornholm Multimember Constituency announcements of candidature must however be submitted to the chairman of the election committee of the Municipality of Bornholm.

(3) The authorities stated in subsection (2) are collectively referred to as the registration authority.

33a. (1) Announcements of candidature must be submitted using a form approved by the Minister for Social Welfare.

(2) The announcement form shall be signed by the candidate and state the full name, CRS number, occupation and address of the candidate. If the candidate does not want his or her full name to appear on the ballot paper, it must be indicated how the name is desired to appear. A candidate’s last name or middle name and at least one first name or initial must always appear. Only middle and last names which a candidate is entitled to use under the Names Act, or middle names recorded in the national register, are allowed to appear on the ballot paper. Instead of the first name, a name by which the candidate is known and which is derived from the first name, may be stated. The form shall further state the name and address of a person (contact person) who the registration authority may approach if the form is insufficiently completed.

(3) Candidates wishing to stand for a party must indicate this in the form.

(4) Candidates standing as independents shall state this in the form. Furthermore, the form shall be signed by the supporters of the candidate and each supporter shall be specified by his or her name, CRS number and address. Names and addresses of supporters are open to public inspection.

(5) Any person submitting a form announcing his or her candidature is entitled to a receipt stating the day and time for handing in the form.