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Article 45

45. (1) In each polling district voting takes place at one polling station.

(2) The local council shall provide the premises for the voting and the requisite number of voting booths and ballot boxes. The voting booths must be designed to allow the voter to cast his or her vote without being watched by others. Voting booths must be equipped with the requisite tools for voting. Ballot boxes must be designed in a manner to prevent removal of ballot papers without opening the ballot box. Ballot boxes must be lockable or sealable.

(3) At the polling stations notices shall have been put up indicating all the names of parties and candidates in the order listed on the ballot paper. For the parties, their letters, too, shall be stated.

(4) The local council shall also ensure that the requisite preparations for the voting procedures have been made at each polling station and that polling supervisors and appointed electors have been briefed about their duties on election day.