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Article 42

A voter, who could not vote independently due to a physical handicap or illiteracy, may come to the polling station with another person, who is literate, and who shall, upon his authority and instruction, encircle the ordinal number before the slate’s name.

A voter, who is not able to approach the polling station due to a serious illness, bodily injury or incapacity, shall inform the voting committee thereof. The chairman of the voting committee shall determine at least two members of the voting committee or deputies, who shall visit the voter at his location and enable him to vote, taking care of the secrecy of voting in the process.

The chairman of a voting committee shall be obliged to enter, name by name, the voting of voters with physical handicaps, illiterate voters, as well as the voting outside the polling station upon prior notification of voters, into the record on the work of the voting committee.