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Paragraph 59

As far as voluntary (in-kind) support of electoral campaigns is concerned, the 2017 reform introduced paragraph 9 to Article 38 of the EC, which states that “all the services and actions envisaged in paragraph 7 provided by individuals or legal entities for free and all the volunteering actions performed during the period of collecting signatures and during the electoral campaign in favour of the candidate or the electoral competitor shall be evaluated by the initiative group and the electoral candidate and shall be indicated on compulsory basis in the financial report”. While this new provision may in principle be welcomed as a move towards enhanced transparency, its practical effects are questionable. Representatives of political parties and of the CEC indicated that they lacked any tools to properly evaluate such voluntary support, and some parties advocated for deleting this provision. That said, the monetary valuation of in-kind contributions is an essential component of campaign finance transparency. It is recommended to clarify in Article 38(2) of the EC on what basis voluntary services are to be calculated. This may include using pre-existing cost estimates from relevant state agencies. At the same time, the law should include value thresholds for publicly disclosing the support by a given individual or legal entity.