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Article 58

58. (1) Danish sailors and passengers on board Danish ships in foreign trade and persons employed at Danish off-shore installations may vote in advance on board the ship or at the off-shore installation. The ship’s master or the person appointed by the ship’s master, or the chief of the off-shore installation or the person appointed by the chief, shall act as vote receiver.

(2) Advance votes cast more than three months prior to election day shall not be considered, cf. however subsections (3) and (4).

(3) Sailors in Danish ships in foreign trade, and their accompanying spouses may vote in

advance on board the ship from the day following a general election, their votes being valid for the next general election.

(4) At Danish off-shore installations in Danish territory advance voting can take place within the last three weeks prior to election day, however, not later than on the last weekday but one prior to election day.