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Article 79

79. (1) In the region(s) where a party has obtained compensatory seats according to section 78, the party’s number of votes in the respective multimember constituencies shall be divided by the figures 1-4-7-10 and so on. In each multimember constituency a number of the largest quotients equivalent to the number of constituency seats obtained by the party in the multimember constituency shall subsequently be omitted.

(2) The multimember constituency which subsequently has the largest quotient shall have the first compensatory seat. The next compensatory seat shall be allocated to the multimember constituency which has the second largest quotient and so on and so forth until the number of compensatory seats which the party has obtained in the region has been distributed.

(3) If, by distribution of compensatory seats in regions or multimember constituencies, two or more quotients are of equal size, lots shall be drawn.