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Article 19

Article 19

Delivery of Nomination Papers of Candidates for the Head
            (1)       The political parties and independent candidates can deliver the nomination papers for the election of the Head.
            (2)       A political party shall, via its election agent and an independent candidate in person, deliver the nomination papers in two duplicates to the Registrar of the Regional Election Commission not later than 40 days before the polling day.
            (3)       A nomination paper of a political party shall include:

(a)    the registered name of  the political party;

(b)   the full name, academic title, age, occupation, and permanent address of the candidate;

(c)    the full name of the election agent of the political party and his substitute and their addresses. A candidate cannot act as an election agent or substitute.

       (4)       A political party can list  only one candidate in a nomination paper.
            (5)       The nomination paper of an independent candidate shall include his full name, academic title, age, occupation, permanent address, and signature of the candidate. The first duplicate of the nomination paper of an independent candidate8) shall be accompanied by the petition, signed by at least 1,000 electors of the relevant constituency. In the petition every signature shall include the full name of a voter, his permanent address meaning the name of municipality, street if the municipality is divided into streets, and house number.
(6)              The first duplicate of each nomination paper must be accompanied by candidate´s declaration signed in his own hand that he approves his candidacy and has not given his consent to be listed in another nomination paper, and that he is not aware of any particulars giving rise to his disqualification.
            (7)       A chairmanship candidate must be resident in the municipality falling to the self-government region or must be resident in the military area which belongs, for the purpose of the elections, to the relevant region.
            (8)       A candidate for the Council can also stand as a candidate for the Head.
            (9)       The Registrar shall confirm the delivery of a nomination paper by the election agent of a political party or by an independent candidate in the second duplicate of their nomination papers. The Registrar shall deliver the nomination papers to the Regional Election Commission for review and registration.