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Article 68

(1) The order of the candidates in the list of candidates i.e. the order of the lists of candidates shall be determined by the State Election Commission by drawing lots. This number shall be the same in all electoral districts, i.e. municipality, and in the electoral district i.e. the municipality where there is no own representative, the respective number of the list submitter shall be left out and in his place shall be written the ordinal number of the following head of the list without leaving an empty space.

(2) The candidates’ lists for Members of the Council and for Mayor that have been submitted by the same submitter shall receive the same ordinal number in all municipalities (or just in the respective municipality).

(3) Candidates’ lists proposed by a coalition that is led by one and same political party, regardless of the number of political parties in the coalition in different municipalities, i.e. electoral districts, have the same ordinal number in all municipalities, i.e. in all electoral districts.

(4) The Municipal Election Commission i.e. the Election Commission of the City of Skopje, after confirming the list of candidates for Members of the Council and the list of candidates for Mayor, shall submit the lists to the State Election Commission for determining the order of candidates in the single list of candidates, based on paragraph (1) and (2) of this article.

(5) The State Election Commission shall previously notify the authorised representatives of the list submitters about the activities it will undertake in line with the paragraphs (1) and (2) of this article.