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Article 104

(1) The Election Board may suspend the voting when the order at the polling station is disturbed, up until the moment it is again restored.

(2) The voting may be suspended in cases of natural disasters or other emergency circumstances.

(3) The Election Board shall suspend the voting if the building where the polling station is located is not secured by the police, and this was needed, or if the police was summoned but failed to respond to the request.

(4) The president or the deputy of the president of the Election Board may summon the police to enter in the room where voting is taking place if there is a need for that.

(5) If voting has been disrupted for more than an hour, it will be prolonged for as much time as the disruption lasted, but no longer than three hours.

(6) The reasons for the disruption of the voting and its duration shall be entered into the protocol.