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Article 62

Voting in Smaller Hospitals and Smaller Senior Citizens' or Nursing Homes

(1) The local authority of the commune shall, as required and as far as possible, reach agreement with the managements of smaller hospitals or smaller senior citizens' or nursing homes to permit the persons there eligible to vote who have a polling card valid for the constituency to vote before a Mobile Electoral Board (Article 8).

(2) The local authority shall determine jointly with the management of the establishment the hours of voting within the general polling hours. The management of the establishment shall, if required, provide a suitable polling station. The local authority shall set up the polling station. The management of the establishment shall advise the persons eligible to vote of the time and place of voting

(3) The Mobile Electoral Board shall enter the hospital, senior citizens' home or nursing home, taking with them a locked ballot box and the requisite ballot papers and voting enve-lopes, take receipt of the polling cards and proceed in accordance with Article 59 and Article 56 (4) to (8). The Electoral Officer or his or her deputy shall advise voters who wish to avail themselves of another person's assistance in casting their votes that they may also use the services of a member of the Electoral Board designated by the voter as a helper. Upon completion of voting, the locked ballot box and the polling cards are to be immediately taken to the polling station of the polling district. The ballot box shall be kept there, locked, under the supervision of the Electoral Board until the completion of general voting. Its contents shall then be mixed with the contents of the general ballot box and counted together with the other votes cast in the polling district. The process shall be minuted in the election record.

(4) Article 61 (6) to (8) shall apply as appropriate. In all other respects, the general provi-sions shall apply.