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Article 67

(1) If some of the candidates from the confirmed candidate list passes away in the period after the day of the candidate lists confirmation, the political party, i.e. coalition, which has proposed the candidate can propose another candidate instead, and if the candidate has been proposed by a group of voters, they can propose another candidate instead, without collecting signatures in the candidacy procedure stipulated by this Law, in the period up until 10 days before the Election Day.
(2) The deceased candidate shall be erased from the candidate list, and the candidate added to the candidate list shall be introduced under the ordinal number of the deceased proposed candidate or shall be introduced as last on the candidate list, in which case the order of the remaining candidates listed below the deceased candidate shall be moved one position higher on the list.
(3) If the candidate who has deceased is the head of the list, the list shall be amended in the manner stipulated in paragraph (2) of this article, and head of the list shall become the candidate from the candidate list nominated by the list submitter.
(4) The candidate list amended with a new candidate in accordance with paragraphs (2) and (3) of this article shall be published in the manner stipulated with this Law regarding the publishing of the single list no later than 24 hours from the day of the amendments to the candidate list.
(5) Providing some of the confirmed candidates in the candidate lists passes away in the period shorter than 10 days before the holding of the elections, the candidate list remains effective.