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Article 30

Responsibilities of Precinct Electoral Bureaus

The Precinct electoral bureau has the following responsibilities:

a) keeps the voters’ lists, ensures the integrity of the voters’ lists and of the ballot forms;

b) examines requests related to the mistakes in voters’ lists, makes necessary changes in them, and issues absentee vote certicates to voters who will be away from their place of domicile on election day;

c) prepares supplementary voters’ lists and includes those voting on absentee vote certicates, as well as voters who, for various reasons, were not entered in the main voters’ lists;

d) notifies the public residing within the precinct about election day and the location of the polling station, prepares the polling station premises for voting and installs ballot boxes and voting booths; organises voting on the election day, and ensures public order on the premises of the polling station;

e) tabulates election results in the precinct, completes the minutes and reports, and submits them along with all ballots to the district electoral council;

f) considers applications and complaints regarding election administration and voting procedures, and adopts decisions in that regard, copies of which shall be attached to the report of the electoral bureau;

g) provides the district electoral council with data regarding citizens participation in elections, as well as the data required for tabulation of preliminary election results; 

h) exercises other responsibilities according to this Code;

i) ensures that voters, observers, and candidates have access to information from the State Registry of Voters and to the lists of voters.