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Article 64

Voting in Socio-Therapeutic and Penal Institutions

(1) The local authority of the commune must, as required and as far as possible, afford persons eligible to vote in socio-therapeutic and penal institutions who have a polling card valid for the constituency the opportunity to vote in the institution before a Mobile Electoral Board (Article 8).

(2) The local authority shall determine jointly with the management of the institution the hours of voting within the general polling hours. The management of the institution shall provide a polling station. The local authority shall set up the polling station. The management of the institution shall advise the persons eligible to vote of the time and place of voting and shall ensure that they are able to visit the polling station for the purpose of voting.

(3) Article 62 (3) and Article 61 (6) to (8) shall apply as appropriate. In all other respects, the general provisions shall apply.