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Article 49

Preparation of Ballots

(1) The ballots shall be printed according to the instructions of the respective election administration bodies. The members of Central Electoral Commission are bound to assist, and representatives of candidates may assist, in the development of the ballot matrix and in the printing of the ballots as well as at the destruction of the matrix.

(2) Ballots shall be printed no later than three days prior to elections, in a quantity not exceeding the number of voters, on opaque paper. Each ballot shall bear both the serial number of respective district and polling station. Printed ballots are folded to conceal the ballots’ face where the voter stamps “Voted”.

(3) Printed ballots shall be stored by the responsible district electoral council and delivered to precinct electoral bureaus on the eve of elections. The Central Electoral Commission sends the ballot forms to the electoral bureaus of the polling stations set up abroad at least 3 days before the elections day. Ballots are distributed the basis of the estimated number of voters established according to the information submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Aairs and European Integration and that collected by the Central Electoral Commission. No more than 3000 ballots will be issued for each polling station.

(4) The premises where ballots are stored shall be guarded by the police. Only the chairperson of respective district electoral council or precinct electoral bureau, accompanied by at least two other members of the council or bureau, shall have access to them during this period.

(5) Representatives of candidates, as well as any voter, shall have the right to examine sample ballots at the precinct electoral bureau.

(6) The ballots for parliamentary and presidential elections shall be passed over to district electoral councils by the Central Electoral Commission not later than two days before the election.