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Article 51

Voting Conditions

(1) During the time allotted for voting, the polling station may not be closed nor the voting process suspended, with the exception of cases of mass disorders, natural disasters, or other unforeseen circumstances which make the election impossible or dangerous for voters. In such cases, the chairperson of the precinct electoral bureau may suspend voting for no more than two hours to bring the polling station to its proper condition or move it to another place, having notified the voters of this fact.

(11) While holding local elections, when it is impossible to reopen the voting that has been suspended according to paragraph (1), after 2 hours, the voting is considered suspended for a period of no more than 2 weeks. The Central Electoral Commission within 3 days shall adopt a decision on the day of reopening the suspended voting. The voting shall reopen under the same legal conditions.

(2) Individuals entitled to observe the voting may not be compelled to leave the polling station during a time when voting has been suspended.