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Article 52

Organisation of Voting

(1) Voting shall be carried out at specially equipped places with desks for ballot issuing and voting booths or rooms for secret voting and ballot boxes. The boxes must be placed in such a way as when approaching them the voters first shall enter voting booths to vote in secret. !e premises shall have a suffcient number of voting booths or rooms so as to avoid large crowds of voters.

(2) For purposes of maintaining order at the polling station and avoiding a crowd of voters, the precinct electoral bureau shall establish a path for the movement of voters, beginning with the entry to the tables where the ballots are handed out, then to the secret voting booths, and on to the ballot boxes.

(3) The polling station shall be furnished to allow the members of the precinct electoral bureau and other persons authorised to observe the electoral procedures to continuously monitor all aspects of the voting process, including voter identification, issuance of ballots and voters’ casting ballots into ballot boxes, as well as ballot counting and filling in of the offcial record.

(4) The provision of the polling station with voting booths, ballot boxes, and other necessary materials shall be the responsibility of the local public administration authority.

(5) The precinct electoral bureau shall be responsible for the organisation of the voting process, ensuring a secret ballot, for the equipment on the premises, and for the maintenance of the necessary order in the polling stations.