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Article 54

Balloting Procedure

(1) The ballot shall be filled out by the voter in a secret voting booth or room. A voter who is unable to fill out the ballot him/herself has the right to invite another individual into the voting booth, with the exception of members of the electoral bureau, representatives of candidates, and persons authorised to observe electoral procedures. Such cases of assistance to unable person shall be mentioned in the report of the precinct electoral bureau.

(2) The voter shall apply the stamp with the inscription “Voted” (“Votat” in the original) in the circle of only one of the rectangles on the ballot, which shall signify that he/she has voted for the respective electoral contestant. The circles in the rest of the quadrangles should be left blank.

(3) It shall be prohibited for any person to take an o$cial ballot out of the polling station.

(4) Each voter shall vote only for one electoral contestant.

(5) Repealed

(6) If a voter has spoiled a ballot by mistake, at his/her request the precinct electoral bureau shall cancel it and issue a new ballot. !is is allowed only once. In this event of a replaced ballot, a note shall be made in the results minutes and in the voter list.

(7) The voter shall place the ballot stamped “Voted” into the ballot box.