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Article 55

Voting Security

(1) At 07:00 a.m. on Election Day, the chairperson of the precinct electoral bureau, in the presence of no less than half of the members of the bureau, shall check the ballot boxes and seal them. The chairperson shall also check the integrity of voter lists, ballots, and stamps, and le the minutes on opening of polling station in two copies. Those minutes shall be signed by all present members of the precinct electoral bureau. One copy of the minutes will be inserted into the ballots box, and after, that bureau’s chairperson shall announce the voting opening.

(2) Ballots shall be stored in a secure place at the polling station, arranged in stacks of 100, and shall be issued by the precinct chairperson to members of the bureau for handing out to voters.

(3) Members of the precinct electoral bureau as well as representatives of the candidates and persons authorised to observe the electoral procedures shall be obliged to have and display identication badges so people may recognize them.

Persons who enter polling stations shall be prohibited from wearing or displaying any emblems, badges or other symbols related to electoral campaign.

(4) If, for health or other well founded reasons, the voter is unable to come to the polling station, the precinct electoral bureau, at his/her oral or written request, will delegate no less than two members of the bureau with a mobile ballot box and all electoral materials necessary for voting to go to the place of voter’s residence to conduct the voting. Requests may be submitted in writing starting with two weeks prior to the Election Day and not later than 6 p.m. of the day before Election. On the Election Day, the request may be submitted in writing until 3 p.m., upon the presentation of a medical certificate. The voting at the place of voter’s residence is based on voters’ requests and the voter list compiled by the precinct electoral bureau. The persons who are not entered on the voter list will not be eligible to vote at their place of residence. On the voter list at the polling station next to the name of such persons a note shall be made “Voted at the place of residence” (“Votat la locul aflarii” in the original). The provisions of this paragraph are not applied to the voting abroad.

(5) Individuals detained based on an arrest order until a court sentence is pronounced, individuals sentenced to prison (deprivation of liberty) whose sentence is not final; individuals under arrest for committing an offence, person sentenced to prison (deprivation of liberty) by a final court decision, located in penitentiaries, will vote in compliance with paragraph (4), via the mobile ballot box.

(6) In the event the chairperson of the precinct bureau authorizes a special ballot box to be taken out of the polling station, he/she shall announce this fact, as well as the eligible voter who requested to vote at place of residence beforehand, to the representatives of candidates and the individuals authorised to observe electoral procedures, who are offered the opportunity to accompany the mobile box using their own transportation if necessary.

(7) The responsibility for maintaining order on elections day in the polling station and territory adjacent to it within a radius of 100 meters shall be assigned to the chairperson of the precinct electoral bureau. !e decisions he/she makes to maintain order shall be mandatory for all.

(8) The following individuals are entitled to be present during the meetings of election administration bodies, votes’ counting and tabulation, electoral activities related to voter lists, ballots, Absentee Vote Certi"cates, and "ling the minutes of elections and referendum results and tabulation:

a) members and representatives of the superior election administration bodies;
b) representatives of the candidates to respective election administration bodies;
c) national and international observers accredited by the respective bodies, as well as their interpreters, as the case may be;
d) mass media representatives.

No other individual may remain in the polling section longer than it takes one to vote.

(9) It shall be strictly prohibited for anyone to enter a polling station with a "firearm or bladed weapon. A security officer may enter the premises of the polling station only upon request of the chairperson of the precinct electoral bureau to assist in re-establishing legal order.