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Article 69

Legal liability

(1) Individuals and legal entities who breach the provisions of the electoral legislation, hinder the free exercise of citizens’ electoral rights, and/or hinder the activity of the electoral bodies, are liable under current legislation.

(2) For violation of the electoral legislation, the Central Electoral Commission or the district electoral council may apply sanctions to candidates by warning, or by requesting the cancellation of their registration as candidates. The Central Electoral Commission is entitled to impose the complementary sanction of deprivation from allocations from the state budget.

(3) Warnings are applied by a decision of the Central Electoral Commission for all elections, as well as by a decision of the district electoral council for local elections.

(31) In case of repeated sanctioning through warning during the same electoral period for violations of the legislation related to financing of the electoral campaign, the Central Electoral Commission imposes to political parties registered as electoral contestants the complementary sanction of deprivation from allocations from state budget for a period from 6 months up to 1 year.

(4) Cancellation of a candidates’ registration is applied upon the request of the Central Electoral Commission, and in case of local election, upon the request of the district electoral bureau.

This is done by a final court decision which stipulates:

a) use of undeclared financial and material funds by the candidate or exceeding the threshold of financial means from the electoral fund;
b) use of undeclared funds from abroad by the candidate;
c) non-suspension from the hold position of the candidate that is obliged to do it. In this case, is cancelled the registration of the independent candidate or the respective candidate is excluded from the list of the electoral competitor.
d) violation by electoral candidate of art. 47 para. (21).

(5) In cases stipulated in para. 4, the Central Electoral Commission or the district electoral council is addressing a request for cancelation of the registration of the electoral candidate, by adopting a decision in this respect, to the Court of Appeal of Chisinau, in case of parliamentary and presidential elections, or to the court in territorial jurisdiction of which the respective District electoral council is located, in case of general local elections or new local elections. The court will examine the request and will issue a decision regarding it within 5 days, but not later than the day preceding the elections date.