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Article 105

Electoral campaign

(1) The electoral campaign for electing the President of the Republic of Moldova shall start not earlier than 30 days before the elections date and shall be conducted in line with the provisions set in chapter 7 (art. 45 – art. 47), which will be applied in the appropriate way.

(2) The candidate for position of President of the Republic of Moldova may have authorized trustworthy persons in every electoral district, who will help him/her in conduct of the electoral campaign, will make campaigning for his/her election, will represent his/her interests in relation to public authorities, voters, and electoral bodies. The trustworthy person will represent the interests of one single candidate.

The number of trustworthy persons shall be established in line with art. 45 par. (1).

(3) The same trustworthy person may represent the candidate in more electoral districts, under the condition of observing the number of authorized representatives in every electoral district. The authorized trustworthy person may act only in the electoral district for which he/she was appointed by the Central Electoral Commission.