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Article 126

Special Requirements for Nomination of Candidates by Parties, other Socio-political Organisations and Electoral Blocs

(1)The number of candidates for councillors in lists should contain at least 1/2 of the number of seats available for the respective electoral district and at most two candidates in reserve. If after the registration the number of persons entered in the list of candidates is reduced to the set minimum, the registration is not cancelled. The respective candidate is alerted by the electoral body who registered him.

(11)The lists of candidates shall be concluded and/or modified by observing the provisions set in art. 41 para. (21).

(12)The failure to observe the conditions set in para. (11) shall induce the refuse to register the lists of candidates by the respective electoral body.

(2) Parties, other socio-political organisations and electoral blocs may nominate only one candidate for mayor per electoral district. One person may not run in several electoral districts for posts on the same level.

(3) An individual may run for councillor position in councils of first level territorial-administrative units of the Republic of Moldova, as well as in that of the second level territorial-administrative unit. An individual may run for both mayor and local councillor, but not in more than one electoral district of the same level.