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Article 127

Special Requirements for Nomination of Independent Candidates

(1) Citizens of the Republic of Moldova may nominate themselves as independent candidates for election to local council, provided they are supported by two percent of the district voters, divided by the number of councillor positions available to be filled through the election, but not less than 50 persons; and for mayor if they are supported by five percent of the district voters, and between 150 voters and 10,000 voters.

(2) If, following the verification, the district electoral councils find fake signatures in the signature collecting lists or repeated signatures in other lists, these lists are excluded.

(3) If, after verification, it is revealed that the necessary number of signatures was not presented, or following the exclusion of invalid signatures, their number was reduced to the minimum ceiling set in paragraph (1), the independent candidate is not registered and he/she is informed about this decision within 24 hours of its adoption.

(4) The submission of additional signature collecting lists will not be accepted after the district electoral council received and registered the set of documents outlined in article 44.