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Article 158

Electoral Districts, Polling stations, Electoral Councils and Bureaus

(1) For administration of a republican referendum, the Central Electoral Commission shall establish administrative electoral districts, which shall correspond to the second level territorial-administrative units of the Republic of Moldova, and district electoral councils pursuant to the provisions of the Article 27 hereof, to be correspondingly applied.

(2)The responsibilities of the district electoral councils shall be those provided in Article 28 of this Code, to be correspondingly applied.

(3) Each Electoral district shall be divided into polling stations, pursuant to Articles 29 and 291 of this Code, to be correspondingly applied. A precinct electoral bureau shall be established for each precinct and exercise its responsibilities, pursuant to Articles 29, 291 and 30 of this Code, to be correspondingly applied.

(4) The powers and duties of district electoral councils and precinct electoral bureaus shall expire upon the con!rmation of republican referendum results by the Constitutional Court.

(5) Where the electoral district stands for only one locality and only one precinct, no precinct electoral bureau shall be established, instead, its responsibilities shall be exercised by the district electoral council.