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Article 188

Establishment of Electoral Councils and Bureaus for Local Referendum

(1) District electoral councils of 5-11 members for local referendums shall be established by the Central Electoral Commission, at the proposal of local councils or representative authorities of special status territorial-administrative unit, parties, other socio-political organisations represented in the Parliament no later than 25 days prior to the date of a local referendum. Conditions of district electoral councils’ formation and their responsibilities are stipulated by Articles 27 and 28.

(2) Precinct electoral bureaus of 5-11 members established for local referendums shall be formed by district electoral councils at the proposal of local public administration bodies, parties, other socio-political organisations represented in the Parliament no later than 20 days prior to the date of a local referendum. Conditions of precinct electoral bureaus’ formation and their responsibilities are stipulated by the Article 29 and 30.

(3) Chairpersons of rayon electoral councils, the Chisinau municipality electoral council and special status territorial-administrative unit electoral council established for the holding local referendums shall be elected by respective local councils.

(4) Electoral councils and bureaus established to conduct local referendum may not include councillors from local councils, members of the initiative group, members of parties or other socio-political organisations running in elections.

(5) During the rst session of the second level territorial-administrative unit district electoral council established for the conduct of local referendum, the deputy-chairperson and the secretary of the council shall be elected by a vote of the majority of its members. During the rst session of the village (communal), town (municipal) electoral council and precinct electoral bureau the chairperson, deputy-chairperson, and the secretary of the bureau shall be elected. 

(6) Within two days of the date of their establishment, electoral councils and bureaus shall make public their personnel composition, address, and contact details. 

(7) The authority of the electoral councils and bureaus shall expire after validation of the referendum results.