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Article 1.11


Candidates of all political parties, coalitions, lists of independent candidates as well as independent candidates and other participants in the election process shall have full freedom to carry out activities during the election campaign in the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Competent authorities shall ensure that no obstacles impede freedom of movement of candidates, supporters and voters during the entire electoral process. 


No person may be arrested or detained during the period starting sixty (60) days prior to election day and on the day of election for investigation or prosecution of serious violations of international humanitarian law unless: (1) the person has been indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY); or (2) the person has failed to comply with an order to appear before a Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Court of the Republika Srpska, a Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a court of the District of Br?ko for serious violations of humanitarian law where the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia has reviewed the file prior to arrest and found that it meets international legal standards.